Why I love Lash Lifts

Why I love Lash Lifts By: Dani Parker, Lead Beauty Specialist Back home in New York about 15 years ago I was treating myself to some highlights when my stylist complimented me on my beautiful, long eyelashes. Her next question was would I like to try perming them to give them a curl. Always a […]

Combat Skin Enemies

How to combat skin enemies! Learn about summertime skin irritants and how to beat them By: Leigh Sell, Lead Esthetician Heat, humidity, wind, pollution and UV Radiation. What do we do to fight these skin enemies and keep our skin balanced, clear and hydrated in the summer months? In this blog post we will look […]

Prom Prep 101

Prom Prep 101 Hey ladies! Prom is just around the corner and we want to help you make the most of this fun right-of-passage. For some, prom is a special night to remember! For others, it’s a bronzer-heavy occasion immortalized forever in photos your parents parade in front of friends, family, and future significant others. […]

Perkville for pros

How to make our like a bandit at Vis-a-Vis  Get the most out of your Merci! Rewards By: Amanda Orr, Creative Director Not to brag, but I’m a member of all the hottest clubs in Ann Arbor. The Plum Market Rewards Club? Obviously. The Biggby Frequent Buyer Club? Better B-lieve it. Don’t even ask me […]

Hair Don’t

Hair Don’t A Young Girl’s Tale of Terrible Tresses By: Amanda Orr, Creative Director A person’s relationship with their hairstylist is a sacred one. Any lady (or gentleman) with a well-managed mane knows this. It takes some people years to find a stylist who knows how to “make it blonde but not blonde-blonde” or “make […]

Contouring 10: Make-Up Magic

Contouring 101: Make-Up Magic Simple steps for a bold new look! By: Colby Smith, Salon Coordinator Contouring is a popular method of make-up application that can help highlight and diminish different portions of your face to give you a more chiseled, finished look – think Kim Kardashian. It may seem a little tricky to achieve […]

Summertime Skin Care

Summer Skin Care Tips & Tricks from Vis-a-Vis By: Leigh Sell, Lead Esthetician Although we all love these warm summer months, the change in weather can also cause a change in the way your skin behaves. Hot days, humid nights, sunscreen, wind and sun exposure can all effect your skin and what it needs to […]

Balayage Beauty!

Balayage Beauty Sun-kissed Summer Highlights at Vis-a-Vis! By: Jac Reyna, Lead Stylist Summer is here! Michigan is the perfect place for sunny days spent on the lake, warm nights at a bonfire, exciting outdoor festivals and events, and everything in between. With all of those fun things to do we need to look our best, […]

Lovely Lashes in Ann Arbor!

Eyelash Tinting at Vis-a-Vis Mascara-Free Fierceness By: Colby Smith, Salon Coordinator If you’d like to add some amazing definition to your eyes and go weeks without mascara, tinting is the way to go! We love lash tinting for its ability to emphasize the lashes you were born with. Vis-a-Vis offers a range of tinting color options […]

Back waxing, His side!

Things at the spa have been crazy! We are completing the expansion construction, getting ready  to receive our first shipment of V2 (our very own skincare line) and bringing a new esthetician on board! All this to say, I have been trying to figure out what to blog about (much less find the time to do it).  Today I got the perfect blog post […]

Really, so how much does a Brazilian hurt?

I get asked a lot of questions but this would have to be in the top three:

How much does a Brazilian waxing hurt? Along with being one of the most common asked, it is also, one of the most difficult to answer. The reason being that we all handle and “feel” pain differently. I will do my best here to give you the most through answer possible along with some tips that will help mitigate any discomfort you may experience while getting waxed south of the border!