How to get the most out of your bikini wax

How to be a bikini wax pro! Get the most out of your next wax at Vis-a-Vis By: Leigh Sell, Lead Esthetician Warm weather has arrived, and we all want that smooth, sexy skin right? Waxing is an excellent choice for hair removal. It’s efficient, affordable, and you can skip the razor for weeks! We take great […]

Bold Beautiful Brows in Ann Arbor

Bold, Beautiful Brows Brow Tinting & Waxing in Ann Arbor By: Dani Parker, Lead Beauty Specialist Move over pencil-thin arches … bold, beautiful brows are in! These days, you can’t open a fashion magazine without seeing full, gorgeously-shaped eyebrows. Many of us envy the amazing arches of, say, Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins, but in the real […]

Back waxing, His side!

Things at the spa have been crazy! We are completing the expansion construction, getting ready  to receive our first shipment of V2 (our very own skincare line) and bringing a new esthetician on board! All this to say, I have been trying to figure out what to blog about (much less find the time to do it).  Today I got the perfect blog post […]

Really, so how much does a Brazilian hurt?

I get asked a lot of questions but this would have to be in the top three:

How much does a Brazilian waxing hurt? Along with being one of the most common asked, it is also, one of the most difficult to answer. The reason being that we all handle and “feel” pain differently. I will do my best here to give you the most through answer possible along with some tips that will help mitigate any discomfort you may experience while getting waxed south of the border!