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New Year, New Rewards Program!

Becoming a VIP at the spa is as simple as walking through the front door. We are dedicated to ensuring you always leave Vis-a-Vis feeling like you’ve experienced the customer care we’re famous for. That’s why we’d like to invite you to join our new and improved rewards program: VIP Rewards!

You have questions, we have answers!

We’re dedicated to making the switch to our new rewards program as simple as possible for our guests. We want you to be informed and excited about this change! Below you’ll find answers to some questions we know you’ll have about our new system. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime!

What will be different about VIP Rewards?

Simple, Streamlined, and Smart

Our VIP Rewards program is simple, streamlined, and smart. VIP Rewards is a straightforward means by which you can make the most of your experience at Vis-a-Vis. VIP Points are integrating seamlessly with your guest account. In addition to offering more traditional earning methods, VIP Rewards uses technology to let you earn points in fun, new ways. Browse the info below to learn about a few of our favorite highlights of VIP Rewards.

VIP Card

If you join our loyalty program, you will be issued a VIP card to attach to your key chain. This card is your pass to all the incentives Vis-a-Vis has to offer! Use it at check-in. Show it off to your friends. We’re glad to have you in the club! Prefer not to use a card? That’s fine! You can access your VIP account at any check-in station by entering your telephone number.

VIP Check-In Stations

Once we roll this program out in January (new year, new rewards) we will be installing check-in stations in the lobby of the spa. Anytime you want to access your rewards account or check-in for an appointment, simply scan your VIP card at one of these stations. We know many of our guests love a quick check-in. In the event of a long line at the front desk, this new system will allow you to scan your card, make yourself at home, and our concierge will be by to offer you a drink as soon as the rush dies down.

Check-In Rewards

Each time you check into your appointment using your VIP card, you have the chance to become an instant winner. Check-In rewards will pop-up sporadically after your card has been scanned at one of our check-in stations. Each guest who visits the spa on a given day has an equal chance of winning free products, discounted services, and surprise rewards points!

Text Rewards & Promotions

What could be more fun then a surprise text from your favorite spa offering discounted services? Text rewards will be sent out sporadically to offer discounted services, surprise rewards points and free products! Simply provide your cell number and you will automatically be eligible to receive text rewards through our VIP program. Redemption instructions will be included and vary on a text-by-text basis.

Why change to a new rewards program?

We built our Merci! Rewards program soon after the spa opened in 2011. As we’ve grown as a business we’ve really gotten to know our guests. After a lot of consideration, we decided to roll out an all new rewards program for the New Year. We want to not just meet, but exceed the needs of the people who visit Vis-a-Vis every day. Our VIP Rewards is comprehensive, streamlined, and fun! We know you’re going to love what we’ve come up with.

What about the Merci! points I've already earned?

We know you’ve worked hard to earn your Merci! Rewards points. They’re not going anywhere. As we switch over to our new VIP Rewards program, your existing points will be converted seamlessly.

Upon your first visit to the spa after we launch this new system in January, our concierge team will take a few moments to walk you through VIP Rewards. During this short introduction, they’ll help you convert your existing Merci! points into VIP points at their current value. If you have any questions or concerns, they’ll be more than happy to put you at ease!

How do I convert my Merci! points to VIP points?

Our concierge team will completely handle that for you! Just let them know you’d like to convert your points when you come to the spa for an appointment after the first of the year.

Upgrading VIP Rewards

We designed our VIP Rewards so you can upgrade some of the services we offer! If you would like, you may choose to schedule a longer service, apply the rewards you’ve earned, and pay the difference at check-out.

For example:

45 minute Heart-Crafted Facial = 750 points

60 minute Heart-Crafted Facial = 750 points + $10

75 minute Heart-Crafted Facial = 750 points + $20

NOTE: rewards may not be downgraded

Earning VIP Points & Rewards

$1 spent at Vis-a-Vis = 1 point earned

Refer a Friend to Vis-a-Vis = 100 points

Redeeming VIP Points

V2 Lip Balm = 35 points

V2 Lip Scrub = 75 points

Shellac Manicure = 500 points

Bon Pedicure = 500 points

Classic Haircut = 600 points

Brazilian Wax = 600 points

45 Minute Heart-Crafted Massage = 750 points

45 Minute Heart-Crafted Facial = 750 points

$25 Vis-a-Vis Gift Card = 1500 points

$100 Vis-a-Vis Gift Card = 2000 points

Urban Oasis = 2000 points

VIP Rewards Terms & Conditions
  • VIP Points must be used toward purchases at Vis-a-Vis
  • VIP Points may not be redeemed for cash and have no cash value
  • VIP Rewards program is subject to change without notice at Vis-a-Vis discretion
  • VIP Rewards redemption services and earning methods are subject to change without notice