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Prime Time!

Prime Time!prime

Prep, prime, & set makeup like a pro

By: Dani Parker, Lead Beauty Specialist 

We want to help you learn to prep, prime, and set your makeup like a professional makeup artist. Primers and setting sprays are every makeup artists BFF. They make a flawless finish possible. At Vis-a-Vis, they’re our bread and butter!

Primers are an excellent way to fill in pores, fine lines, smooth facial hair and inconsistent skin appearance. At Vis-a-vis, we use MUD (Makeup Designer) primer before a makeup application to create a smooth and even palate.

How to use face primer like a pro:

  • Start with a clean and properly moisturized face. You don’t want to have flakey skin it will make your complexion with makeup look chalky.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of primer using the tips of your fingers. Dab a small amount on your nose/outer nostrils, chin and forehead. Smooth any excess towards your cheeks and outer face.

How to use eyelid primer like a pro:

Eyelid/shadow primers act like a deodorant sucking up surface oils on the lid and can keep your shadow looking flawless all day. We use Blinc primer before every shadow application!

  • Apply a small amount over the entire lid past the crease using your fingertips.
  • Blend evenly over your lid.
  • Enjoy beautiful shadow that stays put!

Not a primer person?

If primers aren’t your thing and you like to keep your makeup to a minimum, try using a setting spray. V2 Calming Toner is a beast when it comes to setting up your flawless finish! After your makeup is applied and just before mascara, spray your entire face with about 5 spritzes (from a distance!) and let dry. Voila! Just like that you have an airbrushed finish that lasts all day! Hello, summer skin :)

Meet Our Make-Up

Meet Our Make-UpProfile

Our favorite make-up lines and how to use them

by Dani Parker Lead Beauty Specialist/Esthetician


MUD is highly regarded in the makeup industry as a quality, long lasting line with incredible wear-ability. Whether you dare to be different or prefer a more polished or natural look, MUD was designed to be versatile.


Priia is the first and only mineral makeup of its kind. Made specifically for acne-prone skin, it is 100% acne safe, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. There is no other mineral makeup brand on the market today that can compare to PRIIA even for the most sensitive skin.

Beauty trends you should try:

Decadently Dark Lips

The 90’s are back with a twist on an old favorite. To stay on trend, try our MUD lipstick in shades Blackberry or Burlesque. Matte lip is phasing out and shine is back in.  Try a burst of MUD sheer glossy color, smooth and never sticky. Java lip is the perfect complimentary color to apply over lipstick for a long-lasting pop of color.

Cherub Cheeks

Strong color on the apples of the cheek is in big time! Try using PRIIA cheek whispers cream-to-powder blush in “poppy” topped with a highlighter for a healthy, cheeky look.

Glitter is back and in a whole new way!

Who doesn’t love glitter?? To try something subtle apply black glitter to outer corner of your winged eye liner for a fresh approach on an old favorite. Feeling frisky? How about rose gold glitter to frame your eye. Using clear shadow or face primer, apply the primer just under the eyebrow then with a dry brush or your fingertip press the glitter just under the brow bone and there you have it! Runway inspiration for a more edgy look.

Remember to choose one feature as your focus. Be it eye, lip or cheek. Pick one to rock out, too much can look overdone. Also, be sure to practice once or twice as well. Even the best makeup artists don’t get it right the first time.

If you need a little help creating any of these looks, the make-up pros at Vis-a-Vis are always happy to assist you :) 

Happy Glam-ing!