Scheduling Assistance

Scheduling Assistance

Need some assistance? We’re here to help!

We hope our online scheduling system helps you easily and efficiently reserve your appointment at Vis-a-Vis! If you’re having trouble scheduling your appointment online, please browse the info below, watch our scheduling video, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Scheduling Demo Video

Want a quick walk-thru of all the ways you can schedule online? In this handy demo our Founder walks you through the different ways to reserve your session at Vis-a-Vis! 

How to schedule your appointment

1. Select the appointment you’d like to schedule from the drop down
2. Select a date – this will search a seven day range from the date you selected 
3. Press “Search”– If nothing is available when you want to schedule, select a different date range and press “Search” again
4.Once you have located the desired date and time, click the time you’d like and follow the directions to complete the scheduling process!

Selected an appointment and nothing happens?

To select your appointment time and complete the scheduling process, simple click the time you’d like and follow the prompts. If you click an appointment time and nothing happens, you may need to unblock pop-ups on your browser. To do so, navigate to your browser settings, access your privacy settings and select “unblock pop-ups”. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to give our concierge a call. As always, they’re happy to help out! (734) 213-7455

Still having trouble? Try this!

If you’re having trouble scheduling your appointment, chances are there’s a setting within your web browser or guest account that needs to quickly be changed. Click below for a quick and easy guide to shifting your settings to make scheduling your session a breeze! 

Help update my settings!