To Our Transgender Friends

An Open Letter To Our Transgender Friendsletter2

Spa & Salon Services For Everyone

By: Scott Roberts, Vis-a-Vis Operations Director

I love Laverne Cox. I think she is a great actress and I also think she is gorgeous. And, if you didn’t know, she was born male. I can’t even begin to pretend as though I understand her journey to becoming her true self although I do imagine she had difficult moments. Nowadays I assume she has a team of experts doing her hair, her make-up, and all the other things to make her look like a star. This gives me pause as I think about who in the Ann Arbor and surrounding communities are living as their true self but may be experiencing difficulties because they do not have a team of beauty experts to help along the way.

At Vis-a-Vis, we embrace and welcome everyone. In fact, our company diversity statement reads:

“It is our policy not to discriminate against anyone because of gender identity.”

Perhaps you or someone you know is transgender and have been apprehensive to go to a salon or spa for services. We do not want you to feel that way about coming to Vis-a-Vis. You are welcome here. In fact, we perform spa services for transgender guests already so this is nothing new for us.

We strive to make scheduling your skincare, hair, nails, massage, or waxing services as enjoyable as possible. I can hear the question now, “So how do I go about booking a service like a Brazilian waxing with you? I am a Trans woman and I have not had bottom surgery. Do I have to book a male Brazilian?” The simple answer is, “No.” Your private parts do not define you; as a Trans woman you are welcome to schedule a female Brazilian waxing. That being said, there are only certain estheticians at Vis-a-Vis that specialize in waxing male genitalia regardless of gender, Kelly Smith and Bonnie Stuart. If you call to make an appointment or book your service online, be sure you are scheduling your female Brazilian wax with Kelly or Bonnie. If you are a Trans woman that has had SRS, feel free to schedule your service with any esthetician as they all specialize in waxing female genitalia.

If you still aren’t sure about making an appointment or have any other questions, call us and just ask – we are happy to help. We see private parts every day so it is not a big deal to us. What IS a big deal is that we are taking care of you, meeting your expectations, and recognizing you on your terms. Please let us be your team of beauty experts.

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