What I love about Vis-a-Vis

What I love about Vis-a-Visheart

By: Marissa Sherouse, Assistant Operations Director

My best friend and I rank pretty high on the blatantly awesome scale. We differ however in the fact that I’m really awesome when it comes to not people-ing or adult-ing, while she’s really great at both. I think this is why when she exits her bathroom in the morning, she looks like Olivia Wilde and when I exit my bathroom, I look like the person who blends easily into the background. She nails winged eyeliner in a way I can’t comprehend, and I wear makeup as long as you count putting concealer on the occasional breakout as wearing makeup.

Long story short, I’m not always up on trends and techniques in the makeup world. I was cool with this, until I decided to dye my hair a shockingly vibrant color. Elizabeth, a Vis-a-Vis stylist, was actually the one who dyed my hair, which was why it turned out stunning and not tragic. The only potential tragedy that neither of us realized until after the service was that my eyebrows did not match my hair.

I classify it as a potential tragedy only because she’d done such a good job that I could have passed the color off as natural if my eyebrows weren’t au naturel, off doing their own thing. But what was I supposed to do? Do I schedule another appointment to get that fixed? Did I want to commit to dying my eyebrows? I’ve been dying my hair since seventh grade, yet I am super hesitant to put dye on my brows—mysteries of the universe. 

So, I did what any intelligent human being does. I talked to professionals. I am lucky enough to work at Vis-a-Vis, so when makeup color matching geniuses like Bonnie and Melissa have a free moment, I can wander up to them and beg for help and mercy. Usually, if they aren’t busy, they help me out 100% of the time. 

The greatest thing about asking Bonnie and Melissa for help, or anyone on staff, is that they care about what they do and are passionate. Sometimes when you ask people for help at different stores or shops, the people helping you give what they’re given (or sometimes way less), which I think is ridiculous. It’s like they decide, “If I don’t think you’re 100% invested, I’m not going to be either.” That’s absolutely the opposite of Vis-a-Vis. Melissa and Bonnie gave me 100% of their effort, not because I was freaking out or spouting phrases like, “If we don’t fix this I will die!” They gave 100% because they take pride in their work. They want to do a good job because they have high standards they hold themselves to.

Accuse me of being biased because I work here, but that’s the experience I not only receive, but watch other people receive as well. The practitioners care, and they’re knowledgeable. They want their clients to look and feel their best, whether it’s makeup, hair, facials, waxing, massage, or anything. And they don’t want to keep you in the dark either, like you’ll only be able to keep the results if you come see them every week. They want to show you what products to use and how to use them so that you can take them into your home and continue to rock the awesome results until you come back to see them.

As for me and my eyebrows, Bonnie and Melissa gave me some helpful suggestions, and I chose an eyeshadow of all things to use as brow powder that would give my brows a bit of auburn coloring to work with and not against the copper tendrils I was now rocking.

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