The ’90s are back!

The ’90s are back!'90s

Bold, beautiful make-up inspiration

By: Dani Parker, Lead Beauty Specialist

For all of those generation X’ers and Y’ers, good news. The ’90s are back! 1996 is back and in full effect so break out your dark wine colored lipstick and black eyeliner cause this awesome trend is making an appearance and I am personally all about it! 

The picture to the right posing for my high school senior pictures in 1995.  Try to not get too distracted by my caterpillar eyebrows (as difficult as that may be) … A swipe of liner and my color-stay lipstick was my calling card.  So much so that I even have people still to this day ask me where I used to get my liquid liner.

Looking back, I would kill to have those brows again…..

Achieving a ’90s-inspired look at home in 3 easy steps!

For an updated twist on this look for those of us who may start showing signs of aging, a lot of eyeshadow can actually emphasize the loss of slack in an eyelid that upper lid liner is actually a good look. 

1) Start with applying eyelid primer and then using a eyeliner pencil from corner to corner on your upper lid. (don’t worry about making it perfect the next step will help you hide any mistakes)

2) Using a fine tipped eyeshadow brush apply dark brown or even black shadow right over the liner you applied. This helps to soften and blur and imperfections you may have made.  Then just apply your favorite mascara and you’re good to go.  This is great for every eye shape!  If you have a small almond shaped eye you may just want to apply to the upper lid.  If you have large eyes go on to step 3.

3) With the remainder of shadow on your fine tipped shadow brush gently apply the shadow you just used on the upper lid liner to the bottom lash line. Short strokes from corner to corner is best to start out with for technique.  Then apply your mascara!

Take a look at this runway look for some inspirationkylie

The picture on the left is a deep bordeaux lip color thats really on trend now.  The modern twist is that the overall look on her skin is soft and muted.  Lips are the focus for the overall look.  Kendall Jenner on the right has her eyes as center stage dhere.  They both work well but on their own NOT together.  Dark eye and lip would be just too much “look”.

Shop these looks at Vis-a-Vis!

  • Shop the look on the left: MUD liner in ”Mauve” with MUD and Cream Lipstick in “Blackberry”
  • Shop the look on the right: MUD eyeliner in black and shadow shade “onyx”

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