Intentional Massage

A Complete Guide to Intentional Massageintentional massage

By: Allie Schmier, Lead Massage Therapist

Intention: Defined

When you come in for your massage, what are you looking to get out of it? Are you in need of pain relief? Or do you need relief from the busy and stressful lives we lead? Whatever you are looking for, that is your intention.  Intention is defined as having an attitude or purpose that guides an action to reach an objective. Intentional massage is coming into your massage with a specific intention, such as “I wish to relieve this pain in my right shoulder and relax my mind”, will guide your body to reach that goal. But coming in with a negative intention, such as “massages haven’t worked for my pain in my right shoulder ever”, will stop the healing process of your body. The objective of releasing that pain you harbor won’t occur because you aren’t allowing your mind to be open with a positive intention.

Stay Positive!

Positive intentions can be simple or more intricate. Consider your attitude, be open, and let go to allow your body to do the healing. Hone in on what you are looking for, whether it is relaxation, stress relief, or pain relief. Your objective can be long term, maybe you desire realignment of your hips or spine, wish to have an old wound heal, or hope for a more balanced life in this fast paced world we live in. Having reason for a massage isn’t enough.  Set your desired outcome and become vulnerable to it, then let it go. Have faith in the process of the massage knowing that your body and mind will guide you through it. Then a massage therapist will assist your mind and body towards reaching the objective.

Share Responsibility

Intention isn’t only your responsibility. A massage therapist always has the intention of looking for the best outcome for you. Being open and not having judgments is a key way to help you heal.  The healing process begins by acknowledging what your intention is, then the therapist can let go of any obligation to fix it themselves and focus more on the massage techniques to assist the body in releasing the tension that is binding your muscles. When the massage therapist knows your intention, they can tune their work to be the assistance needed.

Allow Yourself to Heal

Massage is a great tool to help you release your pain or stresses.  Enter your massage with a clear intention; this will be most beneficial and effective. Your attitude or purpose will guide your mind and body towards your goal. Massage therapists are here to assist in your goal. We do not hold judgments or change your intention; we remove ourselves so that you can heal. We are here to guide your body and mind towards your specific objective. Be communicative to your massage therapist and allow yourself to heal.  

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