Keep Calm: Part 2

Keep Calm: Part 2massage

Simple steps for total relaxation during your massage

By: Letha Zaracki, Lead Massage Therapist

Whether it’s your first massage or your fiftieth, it can sometimes be a challenge to leave the daily stresses of life at the door and transition into a silent, serene space on the table. There are many obstacles our mind must combat before allowing ourselves to slip into a relaxed and opened state. When our minds are relaxed, our muscles are relaxed; and when our muscles are relaxed, it helps your massage therapist to break up tension and stretch out tightness much quicker and more effectively.

If you have trouble cooling your jets before a massage, here’s a tip to help you leave the mind-chatter and the door and reap the benefits of being truly present for your bodywork session.

Step #1: Breath

Step #2: Visualize

So now you’re breathing nicely and deeply, really feeling the connection between your body and your mind, but suddenly…. Images of that flat tire you need to fix come flying in, nagging like mosquito. Maybe something reminds you of an argument with a loved one, or that embarrassing text you sent to your crush is still haunting you. This is when visualization techniques can come into handy. Visualization is an amazing way to clear your mind and help you truly quiet the chatter.

Visualization can be as simple as picturing a place on this planet that you love and feel safe. Tune in to the sights, smells and sensations of this place. Imagining yourself in a calm environment can bring peace and silence to the mind.  If you can’t shake a certain thought or feeling while trying to relax, feel free to try out this technique I have created over time;

As a thought arises, instead of trying to bury it, briefly allow yourself to acknowledge it for what it is, without judgment. Envision that thought turning into a shiny bubble, which then quickly solidifies and encases the thought and the feelings it has brought about. Watch each bubble, one by one, rise up and out of your mind, watching it softly float away, far off into the distance, and acknowledge the feeling of the absence of that bubble. Notice when the bubble floats off, that the thoughts you encased inside of it have floated off and away as well. Once the bubble is gone, it can no longer come back to you, it is gone. Allow yourself to make as many bubbles as you need, until your brain can’t think of anything else to put into a bubble. Once the last bubble has left, allow yourself to visualize a soft, glowing white light occupying the space where all the bubbles once were held. Feel it grow and expand as you breathe deeply. When you have reached this state, allow yourself to bask in this feeling, to hone in on experiencing the healing work that is being done to your body, and to feel the deep relaxation that you have now achieved.

Stay tuned for more tips from Letha on keeping it calm!

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