Keep Calm: Part 3

Keep Calm: Part 3massage

Simple steps for total relaxation during your massage

By: Letha Zaracki, Lead Massage Therapist

Whether it’s your first massage or your fiftieth, it can sometimes be a challenge to leave the daily stresses of life at the door and transition into a silent, serene space on the table. There are many obstacles our mind must combat before allowing ourselves to slip into a relaxed and opened state. When our minds are relaxed, our muscles are relaxed; and when our muscles are relaxed, it helps your massage therapist to break up tension and stretch out tightness much quicker and more effectively.

If you have trouble cooling your jets before a massage, here’s Letha’s third and final tip to help you leave the mind-chatter and the door and reap the benefits of being truly present for your bodywork session.

Step #1: Breathe

Step #2: Visualize

Step #3: Ease the Transition

Another great way to help you relax during your massage is to get the relaxation party started before you even set foot in the spa!! Have a few free hours before your service? Treat yourself to a nice hot bath or shower to help your muscles get open and ready to melt away tension. The heat expands tight tissues, making them easier to get worked on, and able to handle more pressure quicker. Have a favorite activity that helps you chill out? Doing any type of relaxing activity, such as yoga, meditation, or walking through nature, helps your mind become ready for receiving massage by slowing down your hyperactive brain waves closer to that of what they would be like during a massage, so the transition is less of a struggle and can be achieved quicker. Think you don’t have enough time before your massage to relax or slow down? You’d be surprised at the places you can fit a bit of calm time in to. Use the car ride from work to the spa to play a calming soothing playlist for yourself, or your favorite meditation podcast. Take a few minutes once you’ve parked to close your eyes, take your hands off the wheel, and take some deep and slow breaths.  Use the walk up Main Street to stretch your legs and shoulders, connecting with your body. Get creative! We all have mental chatter that clouds our minds from time to time, but we don’t have to let it run our lives, or get in the way of our healing time!! Next time you’re on the table, try one (or all!) of these techniques and let yourself see and feel the benefits of being fully aware and present during your bodywork session.

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