V-Day 2017

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Valentine’s Day Gift Set ($50 value)

Our Valentine’s Day gift pairs perfectly with a spa day! We know you’ll adore these limited edition products (and a little something sweet). Best of all, everything we’ve included in this set is proudly made in the mitten! Our Valentine’s Day Gift Set is available free with $100 gift card purchase, or may be purchased on it’s own for $50.

“Burning Love” Massage Candle

Our Valentine’s Day inspired soy wax candle is sure to light your fire! Sweetly scented with ylang ylang, jasmine, and rose, “Burning Love” will make any love nest extra cozy. Best of all, once melted the wax may be used as a moisturizing body or massage oil. Enjoy alone or with a friend!

“Relax” Scented Drawer Sachet & Bath Sprinkles

These dual-purpose soaking sprinkles are the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day! Dissolve in a bath for a boosted bathing experience, or use as a drawer sachet. Here’s how

  • Bath Sprinkles: Dissolve delicate soaking sprinkles in a warm tub. Either carefully break apart and place directly into tub or place in a tea bag and steep in your bath! Hint: Our bath sprinkles contain natural, herbal pieces, so placing them in a tea bag makes for easier cleanup!

  • Drawer Sachet: Place dry sachet in undergarment drawer for subtly scented unmentionables.

Butter Up Body Creme

This capable cream is sure to be your bread and butter! Essential oils combine to repair and rejuvenate dry skin, leaving even the most barren bod feeling marvelously moisturized.

“Red Hot” Lip Polish

Sugar, coconut, palm, and sunflower oils combine to create serious relief for dry winter lips. Our lip polishes are always popular at the spa, and we know you’ll love this limited edition cinnamon sensation!

“Passionfruit” Lip Balm

Pucker up and hydrate lips with this natural lip balm! Our ultra-hydrating lip balm was formulated to soothe and moisturize even the most chapped lips. Organic and natural ingredients combine with fantastic flavors so you never have to be bored with your balm. Passionfruit is one of our favorites! 

Sander’s Chocolate Heart Set

No Valentine is complete without something sweet and this Michigan-made chocolate seriously delicious. The (obligatory) heart-shaped box houses four tasty caramel treats!

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