V2 Heart-Crafted Cosmetics

V2 Heart-Crafted CosmeticsV2 Heart-Crafted Cosmetics

Made in the Mitten

When you know exactly what you want, sometimes it’s best to just do it yourself! That’s exactly what we did with our V2 Heart-Crafted Cosmetics line. Made right here in Ann Arbor, we began work on the V2 Heart-Crafted Cosmetics line soon after the spa opened. V2 products are available for purchase in the spa and on our lovely website!

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We created V2 Heart-Crafted Cosmetics relying heavily on all-natural ingredients, offering effective and healthy options for treating a variety of skincare concerns. V2 products are gentle and effective while maintaining an excellent shelf-life. 


In conceiving of V2 Heart-Crafted Cosmetics, we were very concerned with providing our clients with the most natural product possible, but we also wanted it to be affordable. There’s nothing worse than finding a product you love only to realize it’s priced astronomically! We care deeply about helping our customers remedy their skincare concerns, and pricing our line reasonably helps us reach more of you. 

A word from our Founder ...

“When I opened Vis-a-Vis in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I knew that I would not only want to, but have to feature a natural skin care line. I spent a lot of time looking for the right one. I tried two different lines before I decided that I wanted to brand my own, but how? I first worked with a company in New Mexico and while they were passionate about skin care and naturals they lacked the experience to produce a superior product. I wanted to bring my guests and friends a product that was superior to anything I had seen on the market and most importantly it had to be affordable. There is nothing worse than being introduced to a great skincare product that no one can afford. I spent a lot of time reading about cosmetic chemistry and becoming very familiar with reading labels. The more research I did the more that I knew that it was possible. One of the biggest problems I had seen in truly natural products was that they have a very short shelf life and this really went against the ability of them being affordable. At the perfect time I was introduced to Desiree Watson, a former Pfizer chemist, she had the perfect mix between wanting to develop a natural product and understanding the importance of a safely preserved product. Since then it has become a wonderful collaborative relationship in which we are the share concepts and bring them to market much quicker than larger companies. One of my favorite things to do with Des is to find a popular product make it better and more affordable. I have a strong belief that skincare should be affordable and understandable by everyone.”

-Melissa Mueller, Founder