How to Survive Valentine’s Daycustomgb

By: Amanda Orr, Creative Director

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Whether you adore this holiday or you can’t wait for it to be over, February 14th can always be improved with the gift of relaxation. 

That’s why we’ve decided to offer custom gift baskets to meet your Valentine’s needs.

The process is super simple:

1)      Browse our website:

2)      Email me ( the following info by FEBRUARY 10th:

  1. Which products/sizes you’d like.

  2. If you would like a Vis-a-Vis gift card included. If so, please include the amount.

  3. Whether you’d like your basket shipped or you’d rather pick it up at the spa.

3)      I’ll send you a link to purchase your custom basket on our website. Once you’ve made your purchase, we will either ship it to you or have it ready for you in the spa!

. . . . . 

Dear Husbands and Boyfriends,

If you’re not sure what your gal would like included in her gift basket, I can help you. Send me an email and I’ll work with you to create a gift that’s sure to satisfy your special lady. Not to brag, but as a human woman I have some expertise on this subject. Don’t feel bad about asking for help, she’ll be touched that you went to the trouble!

Your wing-woman,


Vis-a-Vis/V2 Creative Director


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