Why I love Lash Lifts

Why I love Lash Liftsabbee_lash

By: Dani Parker, Lead Beauty Specialist

Back home in New York about 15 years ago I was treating myself to some highlights when my stylist complimented me on my beautiful, long eyelashes. Her next question was would I like to try perming them to give them a curl. Always a person who is looking for the next new thing, naturally I said “yes” and boy was I so happy I did.  No more of that medieval torture devise (aka my lash curler!) My lashes were long, full and had a lovely curled lift all the time. She even tinted them black so when I was at the beach my lashes stood out all the time with or without mascara.

Flash forward to today and having been performing this service now myself for many years I am always surprised that this is still a well-kept beauty secret. I suggest the next time you go to use your lash curler, take a close look at the rubber in the track. If it’s used regularly than more than likely you are actually snipping out those coveted lash hairs a little bit each time you use it. Once you start Lifting them you’ll notice how much fuller they become over time by no longer using the curler. 

Now that I’m knocking on the big 4-0, I have noticed that most of what has always kept me looking young, my big full eye brows, my “beautiful long, eyelashes” and even my hair are just wincing away.  Lifting and Tinting my lashes have continued to help with battling aging. Now when I use my amazing mascara that I pay through the nose for its going on very deserving lashes! This service is completely safe and totally worth it! 

Reasons why you’ll love Lash Lift!

  • Permanent Curl that will last the life of each eyelash
  • Welcome break or amazing alternative to lash extensions
  • Makes your appearance more bright eyed, awake, and youthful!

Using a lash serum for enhancement?  No problem! This treatment can absolutely be done with no worries (we just need a little more time for the service) Our Grand Lash Lift takes about an hour and we include a lash tint as well to really make your new look pop!  Call us (734) 213-7455 or book online!

Schedule my Lash Lift NOW!

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