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Services at Vis-a-Vis in Ann Arbor, MI!

Welcome to Vis-a-Vis Salon & Spa. We’re delighted to have you! We know you’ll enjoy the ultra-comfy ambiance of our downtown space. Each of our salon & spa services is carefully designed to ensure you have an excellent experience with us. We adore our guests and value their time and feedback. If you have question or comments about Vis-a-Vis, please feel free to contact us at any time. We hope you enjoy our guest-conscious services. 


How to schedule your appointment:

1. Select the appointment you’d like to schedule from the drop down
2. Select a date – this will search a seven day range from the date you selected 
3. Press “Search”– If nothing is available when you want to schedule, select a different date range and press “Search” again
4.Once you have located the desired date and time, click the time you’d like and follow the directions to complete the scheduling process!

Please click here if you are looking to schedule multiple services at the same time using our online booking software.

 Our services:

Why we’re different

Vis-a-Vis is different than your average beauty spot, and we take pride in that fact! Prior to each of our services, our practitioners take the time to consult each and every guest face-to-face (“Vis-a-Vis”) in an effort to help them get the most out of their time with us. We want to ensure that your visit is personalized, and is as unique as you are. This attention to detail and customer care is what sets our services apart! We’ve found that when our guests and practioners are on the same page, we’re able to provide a salon/spa experience unlike any other.