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At Vis-a-Vis we’re known for our excellent massages and body therapies! We adore helping our guests feel their most relaxed and rejuvenated. No matter what type of massage session you’re interested, our seasoned massage therapists will do all they can to make sure you leave feeling amazing. 



How to schedule your appointment:

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Heart-Crafted Massage Sessions ($64 - $114)

Our Heart-Crafted sessions are classic massage services you can purchase based on the length of time you’d like us to spend with us. These relaxation sessions combine your choice of our naturally based oils and body creams with customized pressure and massage techniques to provide a sensationally soothing experience. Heart-crafted massage enrichments may be added to (or included in) your service for further enhancement!*

45 minute massage session – $64
60 minute massage session – $74
75 minute massage session – $84*
90 minute massage session – $94*
2 hour massage session – $114*

*One complimentary Heart-Crafted Enrichment of your choice is included in the cost of our 75 and 90 minute and 2 hour massage sessions.

Heart-Crafted Massage Enrichments ($4 - $14)

Enhance your Heart-Crafted massage by adding enrichments! Heart-Crafted enrichments may be added to any of our massage sessions for a small fee. However, one enrichment of your choice is included in the cost of our 75 and 90 minute and 2 hour Heart-Crafted Massages.

Whistle & Wink: Lip & Eye Treatment Mask – $14

Restore the skin’s natural moisture, give firmness to the delicate eye area, and intensely hydrate your lips with this catch-all facial treatment. Blended with vitamins, acids, and marine collagen this enrichment suppresses fine lines and puffiness around the eyes while plumping and nourishing even the driest pout. 

Brush Up: Dry Brush Cellulite Treatment – $4

Restore your skin’s luster and liveliness with this invigorating enrichment. Exfoliating gloves are used to gently, yet firmly, brush the skin in broad strokes. This technique exfoliates, relieves stress, reduces cellulite, increases circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

The Comeback: Back Scrub & Mask – $14

Bring sexy back with this nourishing back scrub & mask! Botanicals and naturally based V2 products combine to exfoliate and moisturize even the driest skin. This enrichment will leave your reverse side feeling incredibly smooth and supple.

Feet First: Foot Treatment – $12

This relaxing enrichment makes tootsies the center of attention! An exfoliating scrub and a moisture masque are applied to sooth and smooth your feet, followed by a relaxing hot stone massage that’s sure to quiet your barkin’ dogs. 

Rock & Roll: Hot Stone Enrichment – $12

This hot stone enrichment adds a little something extra to any massage session! Utilizing natural stones, your therapist will deeply target tension and melt even the most irritated muscles.

Under Pressure: Deep Tissue Massage ($84 - $104)

Save the fluff and schedule this deeply therapeutic massage. Prossage and Biofreeze* are used in tandem to provide a warming and cooling experience during this session. Heat packs are used to loosen up the muscles and relieve site-specific pain. This deep tissue session is perfect for those looking to intensely work out those kinks! Let your therapist know where it hurts and they’ll be happy to target your tension.

60 minute – $84

75 minute – $94

90 minute – $104

*Kneipp Arnica gel may be substituted for Biofreeze if preferred. 

The Mama-To-Be: Prenatal Massage ($89 - $109)

This session provides the relaxation all expectant moms deserve! Before beginning your massage, your therapist will chat with you about any specific achy areas you’d like worked on. From there, our ultra-comfy body pillows will be used to help bolster you into a position that’s most comfortable. Finally, relax and enjoy pre-baby bliss! You’ll be left feeling relaxed and ready for your little bundle of joy to arrive.

60 minute Mama-To-Be – $89

90 minute Mama-To-Be + 15 minute naptime – $109

Have questions about prenatal massage? Visit our FAQ page!

Fire & Ice: Tension Therapy Session - $84

Whether it’s midterm season or work has got you worn out, our Fire & Ice: Tension Therapy Session is perfect for the client looking to alleviate site-specific tension. This massage session targets common stress-prone areas in the head and neck to relieve extensive strain. Before beginning your session, your therapist will help you find the perfect essential oil blend to combat your specific stressors. Contrast Therapy* massage techniques and our Headache Buster cold stone enrichment combine to diminish upper body pain and discomfort. Throw in a relaxing foot treatment (including hot stones) and you’ll leave feeling like brand new. If you would like, 15 minutes of neck and shoulder work may be substituted for the Headache Buster enrichment.

*Contrast Therapy is a massage technique in which heat and cold are used as a therapeutic tool. At Vis-a-Vis, we use Biofreeze and Prossage to cool and heat your muscles for optimum tension relief.

But wait, there’s more!

Try one of our body treatments or bring in a special someone for a couples session! Use the buttons below to learn more about these special services. Have a question? Check out our massage FAQ page or contact us

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