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Tailor-made facials in Ann Arbor!

At Vis-a-Vis, each and every facial is an experience tailor-made just for you. Your facial may be focused on relaxation, anti-aging, acne or a variety of other skin concerns. Each service will begin with a consultation to determine which products and techniques will best target your needs. Browse our menu below to find the service that’s best for you. If you’re unsure, give us a call and we’d be happy to help. We hope you enjoy our unique approach to skin care!



How to schedule your appointment:

1. Select the appointment you’d like to schedule from the drop down
2. Select a date – this will search a seven day range from the date you selected 
3. Press “Search”– If nothing is available when you want to schedule, select a different date range and press “Search” again
4.Once you have located the desired date and time, click the time you’d like and follow the directions to complete the scheduling process!

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Heart-Crafted Facials ($78 - $98)

Our Heart-Crafted Facials are classic skincare sessions you can purchase based on the length of time you’d like us to spend on your skin. These relaxing sessions combine our naturally based skincare line, V2, along with a custom crafted botanical masque to fit your skincare needs. Heart-Crafted facials boast complete customization. Our Heart-Crafted Enrichments may be added to (or included in) your service!*

45 minute Heart-Crafted Facial – $78*

60 minute Heart-Crafted Facial – $88**

75 minute Heart-Crafted Facial – $98**

*Includes guest’s choice of  facial massage OR extractions.

**60 and 75 minute heart-crafted facials include one enrichment of your choice.

Heart-Crafted Enrichments ($9 - $24)

Enhance your facial by adding Heart-Crafted Enrichments! Enrichments may be added to any of our heart-crafted facial sessions for a small fee. However, one enrichment of your choice is included in the cost of our 60 and 75 minute Heart-Crafted Facials. 

Moisture Smack Hydrating Masque – $15

Feel a little dried out? Using some of the most advanced ingredients available, this supremely moisturizing facial masque will re-hydrate your skin, leaving you with a gorgeous dewy glow.

Fruity Fresh: Boosted Enzyme Peel – $12

We have a variety of professional grade exfoliants that combine fruit enzymes with chemical boosts to improve skin problems ranging from hyperpigmentation to acne and even anti-aging.

Pick Me Up: Under Eye Treatment Masque – $9

Restore the skin’s natural moisture and give firmness to the delicate eye area with this revitalizing masque. Blended with vitamins, acids and extracts, it helps to suppress fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Pucker Up: Lip Treatment Masque – $9

This intensely hydrating masque plumps lips, leaving them moist, smooth and supple. The combination of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Smooth Move: Foot Treatment – $12

Sometimes tired feet need a little love—so give it to ‘em with this foot treatment! We use an exfoliating scrub and a moisture masque, followed by a foot massage and a moisturizer that will leave your feet silky smooth!

Lighten Up: LED Therapy – $24

Ideal for anti-aging, acne, and reducing hyper-pigmentation. LED Light Therapy uses specific types of painless lights to stimulate skin cells. LED Therapy has remarkable anti-aging effects, as it revitalizes the skin, leaving it firmer, less wrinkled and younger looking. LED Is also very effective in killing the p. Acnes Bacteria as well reducing hyper-pigmentation.

Freshen Up: High Frequency Treatment – $12

Ideal for acne-prone skin, High Frequency Treatment uses the safe and gentle oxygenating power of electrical current. These currents cleanse to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, while eliminating toxins and acne-causing bacteria.

Shake It Up: Ultrasonic Treatment – $16

This addition is beneficial for every skin type, Ultrasonic Treatment uses high frequency vibration to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving your skin with a healthy, natural glow. Gentler than micro-dermabrasion, Ultrasonic therapy leaves no redness, swelling, or irritation. Frequently used on the face, neck, and even hands, arms and back, Ultrasonic Treatment softens and rejuvenates skin. It removes all traces of oil, dirt and cellular debris from follicles while improving acne and rough or dry patches. This is great if you are looking into getting extractions. You’re left absolutely glowing!


Scientifique Facials ($78 - $114)

These cutting-edge services combine professional strength products from Lira Clinical, expert techniques, and all the relaxing elements you love in a facial; creating the ultimate skincare experience. These sessions are results-driven without sacrificing luxury. Your esthetician will custom-tailor your facial to fit your skincare goals. Our Scientifique Facials are for you if you have had facials before and are looking for next-level skincare!*

30 minute Scientifique Facial – $78

60 minute Scientifique Facial – $98

75 minute Scientifique Facial with Tech – $114*

*Our 75 minute Scientifique Facial includes guest’s choice of Lighten Up: LED Therapy, Freshen Up: High Frequency Treatment, or Shake It Up: Ultrasonic Treatment.

The Paris: Super Lux Facial – $154

Looking for the crème d’la crème of skincare services? Your search ends here. This 90 minute facial utilizes everything in our estheticians’ repertoire. Professional exfoliation, ultrasonic technology, facelift massage, light activated skin rejuvenation, extractions (if desired) and professional strength products will have you looking magnifique, tout de suite! Bid lackluster skin “adieu” and welcome your healthiest, most beautiful complexion.

The Details:

Ultrasonic aided exfoliation & deep product penetration + LED light therapy + Facelift massage + Hand & foot ritual + Lira Clinical’s blend of plant stem cells, powerful peptides, and rich minerals + Moisture Smack Hydrating Mask 

Petite Facials - $59*

Skip the fluff and choose from our list of three effective, fast-paced facials! These 35 minute express services will seamlessly fit into your busy schedule and help you make professional, affordable skincare a priority. Our Petite Facials are available exclusively at our Petite Suite & Acne Clinic


See the light with this standard express facial! Cleansing, exfoliation, mini facial massage and product blends will leave your skin looking invigorated and beautiful – great for all skin types! This facial includes extractions if you’d like. 


This speedy service is the ultimate in anti-aging! Combining facial techniques, custom blended products, and facelift massage our tightening facial will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. Get ready to find the fountain of youth!


This fast facial is perfect for congested skin. Combining deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and more your esty will work to pulverize pimples and promote a clear complexion.

*Petite Facial services are available ONLY at our Petite Suite & Acne Clinic!

Petite Facial add-ons

Enrich your express facial with one of our add-ons. Choose which you’d like or ask you esthetician for their recommendations! 

Pick Me Up: Under Eye Treatment Masque – $9

Restore the skin’s natural moisture and give firmness to the delicate eye area with this revitalizing masque. Blended with vitamins, acids and extracts, it helps to suppress fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Pucker Up: Lip Treatment Masque – $9

This intensely hydrating masque plumps lips, leaving them moist, smooth and supple. The combination of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Add a Peel – $16

Want to seriously enhance your service? This gentle yet effective peel uses either lactic or glycolic acid (depending on skin type) to brighten and enliven the skin!

Shape Up: Neck Hydrating Masque – $16

This awesome add-on pays homage to one of the best beauty tips you’ll ever receive: Don’t forget your neck! Using a deeply hydrating masque this essential extra will nourish your neck and décolletage leaving it in ship shape.

The Chat - FREE with $35 purchase

A perfect way to begin your treatment plan is with The Chat,  The $35 consultation fee is completely redeemable toward services and products. Your consultation is where we discuss your concerns and develop a skin care regimen and treatment plan designed for your specific needs. Please bring any skin care products and make-up you are currently using to your consultation. This will help us better address your concerns. 

*For your safety a consultation is required prior to booking a chemical peel session. During this consultation we establish a course of treatment, perform an allergy test and give you directions for preparing your skin for a chemical peel.  If you would like to receive a service on the same day as your consultation  please consider booking a Petite Peel. This service includes the necessary consultation  for a chemical peel.

**If you schedule a chemical peel without previously completing a consultation session your appointment will be changed to a consult. 

Chemical Peels & Petite Peels ($74 - $94)

Petite Peels – $74

If you’re looking to save the fluff and experience a totally results-driven facial, look no further. This session is meant for the client looking for a skincare service based on an advanced skin assessment and custom-tailored treatment plan. A Petite Peel includes the consultation necessary to receive a more in-depth peel. You may schedule this service in place of The Chat if you would like prior to receiving a Chemical Peel.

Chemical Peels

Peels are special treatment tools that can leave your skin rejuvenated and youthful. These treatments improve the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, discoloration, and acne scars. Varying strengths and blends allow us to select the peel that is appropriate for your skin type and condition. We proudly offer chemical peels from PCA SKIN®. This brand, used and recommended by dermatologists, has been the leader in chemical peels and advanced topicals for over 20 years. PCA Skin uses a gentle, progressive, low-dose approach for dramatic results with less side effects.*

PCA Peel – $84*

PCA Peel + LED – $98*

*The Chat or a Petite Peel must be scheduled and received prior to receiving your Chemical Peel at Vis-a-Vis. During The Chat or your Petite Peel your esthetician will assess your skin and perform an allergy test to ensure your skin’s safety during your peel. Your safety is our number one priority. Thank you for understanding!

Peel Series 

It takes multiple chemical peels spread out over several weeks to see full results. If you buy services in a series package of three, six, or twelve you receive a significant discount. And don’t worry—these services have no expiration date and can even be transferred to friends if you’re feeling generous! 

Chemical Peel Series

3 Chemical Peels = $227 (save $25)

6 Chemical Peels = $432 (save $72)

12 Chemical Peels = $768 (save $240)

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The Vis-a-Vis Acne Clinic

If you’re sick of struggling with acne, we can help! The Vis-a-Vis Acne Clinic utilizes a proven acne management program, designed to quickly and effectively clear acne lesions while preventing future breakouts. Most clients have experienced 95% clearer skin within three to six months — all without the use of harsh prescriptions. 

Check out the Vis-a-Vis Acne Clinic!