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Skincare FAQskincare faq

Healthy Skin Awaits!

What’s so great about a facial anyway? You’re about to find out! Below you’ll find our all-telling skincare faq! Skincare is an important part of whole-body health and wellness. If you ever have a question about skincare beyond our FAQ, contact us! And remember, your Esthetician is always available to answer questions about your unique regimen and skincare plan of action! Click here to find contact info for all of our amazing Estheticians (and other team members).


Why do I need a facial?

You deserve beautiful, natural skin. A facial is an excellent way to improve the health and condition of your complexion. Facials target your specific skin concerns in a safe, relaxing environment. They can rejuvenate, repair, refine, and renew your skin. Depending on the type of facial scheduled, common concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation and aging can be addressed. Utilizing proven techniques and expert products, your Esthetician will help you achieve amazing results in as little as one session!

How are facials like workouts?

Exercising every once in a while is great, but if you really commit to your workout regimen, you’ll achieve that buff bod so much faster! Facials are the same way. You can achieve awesome results in one session, but if you come often and make facial services a part of your lifestyle, you’ll achieve lasting results. Regular facials can benefit your skin in so many ways. They help prevent breakouts, target discoloration, promote cell turnover, and so much more. Seeing your Esthetician on a regular basis will really whip your skin into shape! For best results, book your facials every 4-6 weeks.

Will I be pressured to purchase products after my service?

Never. We don’t believe in spending your facial session trying to sell you something. We want you to relax and enjoy. However, we do believe in the importance of a personalized homecare regimen for each of our clients. If you let your Esthetician know that you have specific skin care concerns you’d like to work on, they’re more than happy (and qualified) to help you with some recommendations. Even if your Esthetician shows you products they think you’ll love, there’s still absolutely no pressure to buy. We just want you to have all the knowledge necessary to achieve your skin care goals.

What can I expect from a Vis-a-Vis facial service?

From the moment you walk into our spa, you’ll feel welcome and at ease. If it’s your first time receiving one of our facials, you’ll be asked to fill out our New Guest Questionnaire. The information you provide on this form will serve to help your Esthetician provide you with a safe, comprehensive facial service. Once you’ve filled out your form (and enjoyed a beverage of your choice) you’ll be led to one of cozy facial suites where (after your consultation) you’ll be given a gown to change into, and a bit of privacy to get comfortable. During your facial, most or all of the following steps will be performed: Skin analysis, professional cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if you like), skin balancing, massage, and treatment mask, followed by finishing products. If there’s anything we can do to further enhance your Vis-a-Vis facial, please let us know!

What is an extraction?

An extraction is the removal of dirt and/or oil from your pores. A breakout is caused when sebum becomes trapped under a couple of layers of skin. When performed gently and with great expertise, extractions release this build-up and dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin while preventing future breakouts. To perform an extraction, your Esthetician will exfoliate the skin, soften your pores, and apply pressure to the congested area using gloved hands, cotton gauze, and/or a metal extractor. Though not completely painless, a professionally extracted blemish is far and away preferable to picking or popping at home without professional tools and sanitation. At Vis-a-Vis, extractions are always optional. Your Esthetician will ask before performing any extractions on your skin.

Can facials cause breakouts?

When performed properly, facials themselves do not cause breakouts. Your facial should speed up your skin’s healing process and prevent future breakouts. A post-facial breakout can occur from product incompatibility with your skin or irritation from extractions that may have not been fully purged or pores that become inflamed from being overly agitated during the extraction process . We pride ourselves on our dedication to training and practitioner education at Vis-a-Vis. We are always looking for ways to broaden the professional knowledge of our employees, so it is rare that our clients experience breakouts after their facial services with us. To further ensure no breakouts occur, we use High Frequency treatments in many of our facials that kill bacteria and close pores. We’re very serious about using only the best products with the highest quality ingredients. If you ever have an issue with your skin after receiving a facial at Vis-a-Vis, please contact us and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Is it okay if I fall asleep during my facial service?

Between the stress reducing aromatherapy and soothing acupressure massage techniques, it’s hard not to doze during your facial service. If you fall asleep while we’re working on your skin, we take that as a compliment! This is your time to relax and enjoy your service any way you’d like. Our Estheticians are trained to be sensitive to your relaxation preference. If you’d like peace and quiet, they won’t talk your ear off. If you’re more comfortable with a little conversation, they’re happy to chat it up! Either way, always be sure to communicate any discomfort to your Esthetician.

What kind of facial service is right for my skin?

We have a great variety of facial services to fit your needs! Whether you’re looking to bust those breakouts or find the Fountain of Youth, our Estheticians are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible service for your skin. If you’re an old pro when it comes to receiving facials, we suggest you check out our Scientifique or Botanique Facial services. These services combine clinical performance products with professional techniques to create a service that’ll blow your mind. If you’re looking for a service that’s completely results-driven, check out our Chemical Peels and Petite Peels. If you’re new to this, we recommend you book our 60 Minute Heart-Crafted facial. This standard service boasts all the relaxation and results-driven techniques included in an excellent service, and is a perfect introduction to what a facial really is. If you’re still a little wary about booking your facial, we can put you in touch with an Esthetician who will talk you through the process!


What happens if I don't select the right facial for my skin?

We’ve set up our facial services so that they can be switched out for different facials of equivalent service time after you’ve had a chance to consult with your Esthetician. If you’re not sure what’s best for your skin, it’s always safest to book our 75 Minute Heart-Crafted facial. This service can be switched to any of our hour-long facials if you and your Esthetician decide there’s a better service for you during your consultation.

What's the deal with all this facial technology I hear talked about?

With all the advances made in skin care, it’s hard to keep up! But don’t worry. Vis-a-Vis is dedicated to educating our estheticians so they can relay the newest, and greatest advances to you, and save you the headache of studying up. From LED therapy to Ultrasonic treatment, Vis-a-Vis offers an array of Heart-Crafted Enrichments to enhance your facial. Our 75 minute Botanique and Scientifique Facials include one tech-based enrichment of your choice. Click here and choose the “Heart-Crafted Enrichments” drop-down to learn more.

Is LED Light Therapy painful?

LED Light Therapy uses positively painless light rays to stimulate skin cells. This remarkable, tech-savvy treatment has anti-aging effects, as it revitalizes the skin, leaving it firmer, less wrinkled and younger looking. LED Is also very effective in killing the p. Acnes Bacteria as well reducing hyper-pigmentation. This type of skin therapy is extremely effective, but not meant for those prone to seizures, or who experience light sensitivity.