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Ann Arbor Waxing Services

We’ll get you beach ready in no time! At Vis-a-Vis, we’re known for our all-star waxing team. Our estheticians take waxing services seriously, but have a laid back attitude that helps put our valued clients at ease. We want to make your waxing service as pleasant as possible while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Years of experience and education have helped us to perfect our waxing products and techniques; providing the best waxing service in Ann Arbor.

A safe and sensitive solution

Vis-a-Vis practices the highest standards of sanitation to provide you with a clean, comfortable and safe waxing experience. We use hard or “strip-less” wax for all of the more sensitive parts of the body, including facial, underarm and bikini areas. In general, hard wax is much easier on the skin because it only adheres fully to the hair and not skin.

Have a question? We have an answer!

If you have any questions about waxing services, check out our FAQ page or contact us. We’re not just expert wax-ers, we’re experts at putting first-timers at ease!


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