All Your Other Parts

All your other parts waxing services 

Waxing Services in Ann Arbor!

Why wax at Vis-a-Vis? We’re dedicated to making sure your experience is as painless and pleasant as possible! Beyond male and female waxing we also offer waxing services for all your other parts! Most all of us have hair we wouldn’t mind getting rid of. Razors, DIY waxing kits, and hair removal products don’t always provide the greatest results. If you haven’t tried professional waxing, get ready to say goodbye to iffy alternatives!

Why professional waxing?

Appointments are quick and results are better and longer lasting.  We’re highly experienced with removing every hair type from every part of the body and are able to discern the best waxing approach for a variety of hair types. Whether you want to get your toes ready for a barefoot summer or just rid yourself of your daily razor regimen, we’ll provide you with a waxing session that is warm and welcoming and results that are the best in the business. 



How to schedule your appointment:

1. Select the appointment you’d like to schedule from the drop down
2. Select a date – this will search a seven day range from the date you selected 
3. Press “Search”– If nothing is available when you want to schedule, select a different date range and press “Search” again
4.Once you have located the desired date and time, click the time you’d like and follow the directions to complete the scheduling process!

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Facial Waxing

Lip – $12

Chin – $12

Cheeks – $12

Sideburns – $12

Nostrils – $12

Ears – $12

Neck – $12

The Dapper Dan – $32 

This speedy service will leave your ears and nostrils hair-free and provide some masculine brow management

Brow Maintenance, Lip & Chin – $32

Get rid of all unwanted hair from lip and chin in addition to receiving perfectly sculpted arches.

Brow Maintenance + Lip – $29

Full Face with Brow Maintenance + High Frequency – $49

Get rid of all unwanted hair from the face and clean up your eyebrows. Because we’ll be waxing such a tender spot, our High Frequency treatment will be used after waxing to help prevent post-wax breakouts. This treatments utilizes the safe, gentle oxygenating power of electrical current. These currents cleanse to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, while eliminating toxins and acne-causing bacteria.

* Looking for more brow waxing services? Check out our Brow & Lash Boutique! 

Body Waxing

Upper Body Waxing

Chest with Stomach – $58

Full Back with Shoulders – $58 (+$10 for all hard wax)

Lower or Upper Back – $28

Shoulders – $24

Underarms – $19

Full Arms with Hands – $43

Upper Arms – $27

Removes hair from elbow to shoulder.

Lower Arms with Hands – $27

Removes hair from below elbow to hands.

Hands – $12


Lower Body Waxing

Full Legs – $68

Upper Legs – $43

Lower Legs – $38

Feet – $12