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Waxing Services in Ann Arbor!

We know that having someone all up in your lady business can be a little unnerving. At Vis-a-Vis, we promise that we’ll put you at ease with our professional and pleasant approach to waxing. We use hard wax for the bikini area because it adheres only to the hair and not your skin, limiting pain and irritation. Our expert estheticians will make sure to explain the waxing process to you and do their best to make you feel comfortable. We’re dedicated to making sure your experience is as pleasant and painless as possible. 



How to schedule your appointment:

1. Select the appointment you’d like to schedule from the drop down
2. Select a date – this will search a seven day range from the date you selected 
3. Press “Search”– If nothing is available when you want to schedule, select a different date range and press “Search” again
4.Once you have located the desired date and time, click the time you’d like and follow the directions to complete the scheduling process!

Please click here if you are looking to schedule multiple services at the same time using our online booking software.

One Piece Wonder - $28

If you’re not into low-cut bikinis, all you really need is to clean up the sides of your bikini line with a wax meant for a one-piece swimsuit.

Bikini Brave - $38

Get ready for that new bikini by waxing the side and top of your bikini line as well as your happy trail if you prefer.

The Darling - $48

Not quite a Brazilian, The Darling covers more surface than a standard bikini wax and can be customized to your comfort level. This is our in-between-ini or “extended bikini”!

The Brazilian - $58

With a Brazilian wax, we’ll leave you as bare down there as you want to be! If you’re unsure about whether you want a Bikini, Darling or Brazilian, book a Brazilian time slot and we can help you decide when you get here. Don’t worry, you’ll only be charged for the service you receive. If this is your very first time receiving a Brazilian wax, consider booking the First Time Brazilian service.

The First-Time Brazilian - $74

A First-Time Brazilian is a longer session, as it must include a full consultation. We also include a complementary bottle of our own V2 Calm Down Oil, Clarify serum, and your choice of V2 Scrub  to soothe and maintain your new look.

The Frequent Flier Brazilian - $49

Those who have received a Brazilian within 6 weeks at Vis-a-Vis receive a discounted price for keeping up. If you have never been waxed at Vis-a-Vis, please book the regular Brazilian service.

Baby's Bottom - $28

When you want to remove all hair from your rear, leaving it as smooth as a baby’s bottom—literally!

Single Strip - $16

Perfect for those who have just a little unwanted hair on their backside.

Bunny Tail - $12

If you’re not feeling the Peter Cotton Tail, we can get rid of that for you.

Happier Trail - $12

A single stomach strip can get rid of that happy trail in a flash.

Silky Stomach - $24

If your happy trail has deviated from the path, consider waxing it all for a silky, smooth stomach.

Inner Thighs - $16

Has your landing strip started to develop its own runway? This service will clean up the inside of the thighs from the bikini line to above the knee. If you are getting a Brazilian or Bikini wax at the same time we will only charge you $12 and no need to book a separate appointment we can add it on during the service.