Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin? Read on!sensitiveskin-01

By: Leigh Sell, Lead Esthetician

Is your sensitive skin instantly rosy after cleansing? Do you hesitate booking a facial because you feel it may cause irritation? Help is here.
Many many people feel they have sensitive skin nowadays for many different reasons. We are constantly bombarded by environmental stimuli, stress, sun exposure, and bad products. For these reasons this skin type is increasingly common.
Sensitive skin is a condition, but it is also genetically predisposed. This skin type/condition is characterized by fragile, thin skin and redness. It is easily irritated by products and by exposure to heat and sun.
Delicate skin needs to be treated very gently with non-irritating, calming products. Vis-a-Vis carries several skin care products that are fabulous for those with skin that’s more sensitive including body products from the “Naked” V2 skin care line. Fragile skin can also be the result of age, dryness or medications. Avoid irritating products and procedures. For example, strong exfoliation, heat, and certain ingredients in products can cause damage and increase redness.
So can people with this skin type receive facials? You bet. Getting a regular facial keeps your skin healthy, and helps strengthen, hydrate and nourish your skin cells. Healthy skin is less sensitive to irritants. Your Esthetician is trained to use specialized products for this tricky skin type that include soothing anti inflammatory and barrier building ingredients. A consultation includes a review of the products you use at home and recommendations for the best regimen for you!

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