Winterizing Your Skin

Winterizing Your Skinwinterizing your skin

By: Leigh Sell, Lead Esthetician

Winterizing your skin is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. One of the most important things we can do for our skin is to give it hydration year-round.

Understanding the type of hydration your skin needs, and how to impart and lock in moisture is key. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Our body is 60% water. Water is essential for the skin’s processes as the skin is also a system.

The upper layers of the skin are made up of a combination of dead skin cells, lactic acid, amino acids and salts which create your skins hydration system. Within the skin’s upper layer we also have  “the glue” which holds everything together and holds water in. The glue is made up of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids and again.. these create the water binding barrier for the skin. When the skin is lacking it’s glue it becomes dry, irritated and sensitive. In other words.. an imbalance of this system can cause “water loss” in the skin. Another issue that arises with a lack of hydration in the skin is exfoliation. Did you know that your skin is shedding dead skin cells constantly? Lack of moisture slows this process and excess dead skin cells trap dirt and oil and reduce penetration of products applied to the skin. How can you improve hydration in your skin? Through adequate water intake, topical skin care products, and professional treatments.

Now that we have an understanding of how moisture and hydration effect the skin.. let’s learn about two common skin conditions: Dry & Dehydrated. The difference between these two conditions is often confused. Someone may think they have oily skin, so they assume they have ample moisture in the skin when in fact they are dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is related to the water in the skin. Well hydrated skin appears smooth and dewy on the surface. When you are well hydrated you can pinch your cheeks and the skin will bounce right back. Also, one may have visible lines which will result in deeper wrinkles later if the issue is not corrected. Dry skin is a completely different issue.  Dry skin is related to oil production. For some this is a genetic issue. Aging also plays a part in dry skin as oil production decreases with age. Many people believe skin with no oil is the healthiest skin and they strip the oil out with harsh products. It is important to realize the skin needs this film for protection and hydration.

An Esthetician is an excellent resource for choosing products and services to help increase hydration and balance your skin. Scheduling “The Chat” or a facial at Vis-A-Vis would be a great place to start. The Chat is a 45 minute session devoted to thorough consultation, analysis and recommendations for regimen. A facial also includes a consultation and analysis. In a facial however, you will also receive a rejuvenating treatment that is customized to your skin’s needs.

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