Superguests #5

Superguests #5superperson

Vis-a-Vis Guest Interview Series

We’re inspired by our guests! You’re super moms and lawyers, you’re teachers and doctors … But most of all, you’re amazing people. We’ve decided to highlight the ladies and gentlemen who make Vis-a-Vis what it is in our blog interview series: “Superguests”

Your name, please!


How long have you been a guest of Vis-a-Vis?

Since 2011

What is your absolute favorite spa service to receive?

I love everything. I can’t pick between hair care, facials, massage and waxing. They are all amazing services in their own ways!

Who’s your favorite Vis-a-Vis practitioner?

Leigh is my go-to pro for waxing and facials-love her! Colby is my absolute favorite hair extraordinaire.

Name one woman who inspires you and tell us why:

My mom-She is resilient and lives life to the fullest expression.

What is something you are proud of?

I ride and train horses. I take a lot of pride in improving each horse I work with.

What is one surprising fact about you?

As a child, I tied my shoes the first time I ever tried.

What motivates you?

The idea that I am constantly improving and developing in body and mind.

Name one thing you COULD NOT live without:

Lip balm

What do you LOVE about yourself?

My eyes


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