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Vis-a-Vis Guest Interview Series

We’re inspired by our guests! You’re super moms and lawyers, you’re teachers and doctors … But most of all, you’re amazing people. We’ve decided to highlight the ladies and gentlemen who make Vis-a-Vis what it is in our newest blog post series: “Superguests”

We’ll be posting new interviews to our blog every week or two so people can read about the awesome things our guests are doing (AND their spa service/product recommendations). If you would like to participate in this fun project, email our Creative Director, Amanda ( She’d love to send you our questionnaire!

Without further ado, enjoy some words from our first Superguest, Miss Sonja :)

Your name, please!


How long have you been a guest of Vis-a-vis?

Almost three years, I think!

What is your absolute favorite spa service to receive?

What isn’t my favorite?? The Scientifique facial is probably my #1. 1a is a pedicure and 1b is a massage. I mean anything I get done there is perfect! And my favorite product is Cracked Up. My goodness, that works wonders for my dry hands and feet. Cracked Up + Warm Fuzzy Socks = Happy Feet

Who’s your favorite Vis-a-Vis practitioner?

Seriously?? How can I pick just one?? Everyone is amazing!! Chelsea is my go to girl for a facial!! And no one does a faster (yet comfortable) Brazilian! Colby gives the best foot massage during pedicures!! Nicole can just about put me to sleep with her magic hands during a massage! Leigh and Allison both give a very technical, yet relaxing facial. Everyone is amazing!

Name one woman who inspires you and tell us why:

Her name is Danielle. She owns a pretty niche business, but she is so successful. She went after her dream and is doing it! Plus, is an amazing wife and momma!

What is something you are proud of?

Getting my masters degree.

What is one surprising fact about you?

I love learning about World War 2. Random, I know!!

What motivates you?

My family … and sweets.

Name one thing you COULD NOT live without:


What do you LOVE about yourself?

My sense of humor, and my ability to see the positive in any situation!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Vis a Vis is a perfect place to go for some “Me Time.” Everyone there from the concierges to the practitioners are so nice and friendly and knowledgeable about EVERYTHING. I love how when I come there, it’s like I’m visiting my friends! It’s perfect! Love you guys!!!

Thanks so much for participating, Sonja! 

xoxo, Vis-a-Vis

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