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By: Dani Parker, Lead Beauty Specialist & Esthetician

Spring break is on the way and that means two things: sunshine and bathing suits. Before you speed off to the nearest tanning salon to take care of what this Michigan winter has done to your complexion, please remember there’s a safe AND natural alternative to sunlamp tanning!

What not to do:

Nowadays, most of us are experts when it comes to understanding the harmful effects of sunlamp tanning. Although we all love an amazing tan, it’s just not worth the health sacrifice.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, those who have been exposed to radiation from indoor tanning are 59% more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors. In addition, the effects of exposure to UV radiation can place one with a greater risk for skin and eye damage later in life.

Recently, the FDA has proposed two rules to further stress the risks of sunlamp tanning to the public. The first rule states that those who utilize sunlamp tanning booths must be over the age of eighteen. Adult users must sign risk acknowledgment waivers every six months during sunlamp use. The second rule requires the companies who manufacture sunlamps to follow more stringent safety guidelines.

Luckily, sunlamp tanning IS NOT the only way to build up a little base or get an event-ready glow. Vis-a-Vis offers an amazing, healthy alternative you’re going to love!

What to do instead:

For those who love a subtle sun kissed look for an event or just want to treat yourself to some safe bronzing, we offer organic airbrush spray tanning by Lavish Tan. This company has managed to formulate a product that delivers a beautiful and natural brown look (none of that funny orange appearance that you can get with other sunless tanning products). This Allure Magazine top beauty pick will definitely not disappoint!

In addition to Lavish Tan sunless tanning, we offer Million Dollar Tan. This product line is perfect for those with a darker skin tone who’d like to achieve a deeper tan. Million Dollar Tan products have made appearances on many of the best beauty blogs and recently won 2015 in review Best In Glow!!

Our airbrush tanning professionals are fully equipped to help you achieve a beautiful, artfully applied tan. If you’re looking for a seamless, natural tan stop by and see us!

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