Prom Prep 101


Hey ladies! Prom is just around the corner and we want to help you make the most of this fun right-of-passage. For some, prom is a special night to remember! For others, it’s a bronzer-heavy occasion immortalized forever in photos your parents parade in front of friends, family, and future significant others.

We’re here to help your prom experience go off without a hitch. We know you’re all beauties (inside and out) but if you want to treat yourself to a little something extra before you dance the night away, we’re here to help. 

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Two months prior

Schedule your hair and makeup appointments! If you haven’t done so already, you’re in luck! Some of our awesome stylists still have openings during prom season, so take a peek at our Style Sessions and make-up services and schedule what you need!   

Not sure what hairstyle you’d like? Pinterest and Instagram are great sources for inspiration!

Two weeks prior

Whiten those pearly whites! You could book a teeth whitening session with your dentist, but we think white strips work just fine! If you plan on going with a bold lip, this prep step is especially important.

One week – 10 days prior

Get a facial. For glowing, beautiful skin get a facial a week or so before prom. Our estheticians will help jumpstart your skincare regimen.

One week prior

Brow maintenance. We’re experts in the art of the arch. If you’re new to brow maintenance, schedule our design session and your esthetician will teach you everything you need to know!

Two days prior

Sunless tanning! Why leave your tan up to orange-inducing lotions or spray booths when a quick sunless session with us will help you get the perfect glow? Plus, our formula is organic! You’ll seriously love this healthy alternative to sunlamp tanning.

One day prior OR the day of

Get a manicure. Nothing tops off the perfect prom look like a fun mani! Schedule your mani/pedi as close to your prom date as you can for a fresh look.

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